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M.S. ORTH (Pune),M.Sc., ORTH. (London) Dipl. LAMP (CARDIFF)
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Dr. Kharat has more than 14 years of surgical experience in the United Kingdom and has special expertise in joint replacement surgery. He brings his vast experience to India on a full time basis and has gathered a team of professionals whose sole purpose is to facilitate the patient's journey to full independence!

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Dear Dr. Kharat,

Today I have arrived back to  New Jersey from my three week trip to India. During this short time, I criss-crossed India  and traveled to  Delhi , Pune, Kolkata, Jorhat, Siliguri, Darjeeling , and Ambala Cantt,.  Every third day I was on the plane to visit the next place.

Needless to say, the highlight of my tour and the soul purpose of my trip was to visit Pune and to support my sister through her bilateral knee replacement. Although Shriram Bagle had told me many good things about you, including your extensive operating experience and the hospital's wonderful reputation, I now have had the good fortune to experience this first hand.  The minute my sister met you she was relieved, her apprehension turned into hope, and she was very comfortable with you. I too felt confident knowing my sister was in the hands of a skilled, concerned, and compassionate surgeon.

I am very thankful that you were the surgeon who operated on my sister's knees.  My sister and I are very pleased with the outcome of the surgery! Her rehabilitation is going well as she is getting daily physical therapy. Soon, I hope that she will be able to perform her daily life activities. 

We are very pleased with your work, my sister cannot not stop talking about you; she is constantly ranting and raving about you. 

Again, thank you for being so cooperative concerned, and going out of the way to make sure that my sister was at ease and recovering well.  Your talent and professionalism are very much appreciated.  Also, please send a special thank you to the hospital staff.  They were very caring, compassionate, and helpful.  You and the hospital staff have earned the highest regard from my sister and have addressed all of her concerns.

We are truly grateful for all that you and your staff have done for us!  If you happen to visit USA , we would be honored to have you over.

With Kind Regards,
Darshan Arora



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